Read about what our ITA Energy Medicine clients have to say about their experience and results from ITA…

Arthritis /Tremor

Angela and ITA has had an enormous impact on my life and well being. In the course of my treatment, while addressing other issues, my noticeable tremor disappeared! The painful and stiffening arthritis in my finger is completely gone, and my carpal tunnel syndrome no longer bothers me. I am blessed.


“I want to take a moment to talk about my experience with Angela and ITA and how my life has changed.

About eight or nine years ago I began experiencing reflux, (gurd). At the time I was not sure what it was exactly. The pain quickly became a problem and started to effect my life in many ways. It effected my work, my family and social life. There were days when I was unable to perform simple daily activities.

I began to see doctors and specialists to determine what was going on.  I saw my primary care Dr., I saw gastroenterologist’s and I began to see a cardiologist because of the chest pain.

I started taking prescription medications and continued testing. I was even hospitalized once from the pain. After…  Read More

Persistent Cough
“It all started about two months ago, when my 11 year old son began coughing. It was mainly in the evenings, but as we know, coughs can take some time, so I didn’t think that much of it.

Over the next six weeks, as the cough was getting  progressively worse, I took him to the pediatrician, a pediatric, and a pediatric pulmonary specialist. He was given many doses of antibiotics, steroids, inhalers, nasal sprays, cough medicine with codeine, and various other over the counter suppressants – and none of it helped al all.

It was terrible and continued to worsen day by day. He coughed all day long, and literally non stop in the evenings. We couldn’t enjoy anything as a family.  At this stage, there’s no way… Read More

Anxiety & OCD

“I came to ITA through a desire to finally deal with issues that I had found to be restrictive throughout my life.  I found the process to be both interesting and intriguing.  So far, I have been able to note a reduction in the restrictive behaviors that were making life difficult and I have finally been able to separate viewing the causes of childhood issues from the emotional attachment of blame.  I am no longer drawn back to the anger and frustration of the past.  I have finally moved on and know that I can truly be the person that I am today, with no strings attached.  Just so you know, I like the less encumbered me.  So, if you are open to new ideas and approaches, ITA can be an extremely freeing and rewarding process.  I would highly recommend it.” R.E.

Depression & Anxiety

“I went to Angela six months ago in a state of emotional turmoil. I had been struggling with depression for years, dealing with nightmarish medication withdrawal, and had very little faith in myself. I was a total victim of my moods and I had no idea what to do. I confided in a friend that I felt awful everyday of my life and I was barely functional. He suggested that I visited Angela. She was an hour and a half away but I didn’t care. I was so desperate for relief. She was warm and kind but also very upfront with me that i must take responsibility for my recovery. I was hesitant since i had a consistent past of letting myself down. I Immediately felt better after my first session. It wasn’t always easy from that point on, but I started learning  what to do and how to do it. That was the beginning of a very empowering  journey. I transformed from a total victim. I learned how to let go and stop fighting my experiences. Instead I can now work with my environment. It felt like Angela opened up parts of my body (specifically my feelings and thought patterns) that were blocked. Some sessions were super intense and I experienced some very strange things on that table. Slowly I changed in a very real way. I am no longer someone who experiences depression or anxiety, something 2 psychiatrists and 3 therapists could not help me achieve. Although I experience sadness, it is not a chronic condition and I can function no matter what i feel. My level of awareness has been raised permanently. I wake up every day at 5 am to meditate. I know there is nothing I cannot handle.Even though I am feeling good these days, I still go to Angela every other week. I feel that our sessions help me maintain my emotional balance and keep me on the pathway of true joy and spiritual bliss. She is my mentor, wellness guide. She and ITA Energy Medicine has made me aware that I am capable of healing myself. I don’t know how people manage with out that!”  T. B.,  NY


“I came to see Angela this past winter.  I had been diagnosed with Lupus and Rheumatoid  Arthritis along with Hashimoto’s Disease.  My weight was at it’s heaviest and my stress levels  were out of control.  I was feeling exhausted all the time despite eating well and exercising all the time.  At my husband’s urging I went to see Angela.  After my first session I started to feel more peaceful.  After each session, my stress levels decreased and my entire outlook on life began to change.  Over time my weight began to just disappear and I simply began to feel better, both mentally and physically.  Today my weight is a lower than it has been in years.  My energy levels are back to normal and most surprisingly, some of my blood tests are starting to come back to normal!  My only explanation is the work that Angela did with me.  I believe so strongly in what Angela does, I have my daughter seeing her and would recommend her to anyone.” L.W., NY


“My first session with Angela was absolutely incredible. I had heard about her from a friend who has seen many ‘healers/intuitives’ and she said that Angela was the best one she had ever encountered. I booked an appointment as I was stuck and needed some guidance.  I felt 100% comfortable with Angela right away as she is full of pure goodness, radiance, warmth and light! She let the session unfold organically which I loved. Her ‘diagnostic’ of me was spot on and then she gave me the tools to work with so I felt empowered and excited that I could actually change or fix my issue! I left feeling energized, hopeful and happy. The weeks following my appointment were also wonderful. My whole body felt in balance, I had clarity with my issue and my constipation freed up. My time with Angela was efficient yet transformative.” –B., Brookhaven, NY


“A little over a year and a half ago I thought I would try something different and, at the recommendation of a friend, I signed up for an energy session with Angela.  I figured it would be a “cool” thing to try but I didn’t have huge expectations.  Fast forward to today and I can confidently say that my weekly session with Angela is the most important hour of my week.  What started as a simple energy session ,has evolved into a holistic therapeutic experience, which touches my mind, body and soul.   There’s no doubt in my mind that I’m a better person because of my practice with her.  I’ve personally recommended friends and family as I see it to be one of the greatest gifts I can offer anyone.  Words don’t do Angela justice, she truly has a gift that has to be experienced.” P.R., NYC.

Experience During the ITA Session

“I just had the most amazing treatment with Angela. It was an ITA treatment. I felt parts of my body disappear, in a good way, no a great way. It was as if my whole left arm became like mist and my fingers were like the fog slowly drifting out longer and longer. The whole experience was euphoric and I really want to experience more of it.” G. M., Long Island, NY

“My experience with Angela has been amazing. I’ve attended at least 8 ITA sessions.  In that time, I’ve noticed an overall reduction in stress and an increase in well-being.  Angela has healing hands. You can feel your energy being moved. During my sessions I can feel warmth radiating from her hands, as muscles twitch and various parts of the body become stimulated. Based on my experience, my wife and daughter now see Angela. They too are seeing positive results. I highly recommend any service at Cascading Joy Wellness.” J. W., NY

“In the beginning my hand felt stiff – almost asleep but not quite. There was a tingling throughout my body at different times. At some points it felt like I was getting cold, but there was no cold, just tingling. There was a subtle movement throughout the body, like I was in water. At one point it felt like I was completely  emerged in water and a soft wave came over me, emptying out through my shoulders with equal releases in each shoulder.” K.K. Long Island, NY

“Laying down I tried to concentrate on my breath. With that I carefully listened to the sound of the HUM. When Angela first touched my left foot, my leg went numb. Then my right hand once she touched it, then left hand and right hand, numb, weightless. Then I felt this pulling sensation, my head was turning to the right without control. Angela asked me about my Dad and tears and pain burst out of me. After that my body was completely weightless, numb. I was not in my body. My head numb. I felt warm and tingling all over and I saw a white warm light around me. My arms felt as if they were across my body holding myself. Weightless. Free!” A.Z. Long Island, NY

“The service I receive from Angela leaves me peaceful and calm with a renewed sense of confidence and love.  I feel I am wrapped up in a blanket of love.  Angela always knows what I need and can keep me full of spirit, yet keep me grounded.” A.M., Long Island, NY