“I want to take a moment to talk about my experience with Angela and ITA and how my life has changed.

About eight or nine years ago I began experiencing reflux, (gurd). At the time I was not sure what it was exactly. The pain quickly became a problem and started to effect my life in many ways. It effected my work, my family and social life. There were days when I was unable to perform simple daily activities.

I began to see doctors and specialists to determine what was going on.  I saw my primary care dr., I saw gastroenterologist’s and I began to see a cardiologist because of the chest pain.

I started taking prescription medications and continued testing. I was even hospitalized once from the pain. After years on medication, two different specialists recommend that  I have surgery to repair a defective valve at the top of my stomach. Problem was the two Dr.’s recommended two different surgeries. By this time I was taking double the dose of meds. And eating an insane amount of Tums. It was so uncomfortable that I started to eat less and less food and lost over 35 pounds.

I had began to see Angela and had always felt comfort and relief.  But then she introduced me to ITA.  I did the first program with her and the change in my condition was great.  I began to use less and less Tums, then remarkably I reduce my prescription meds by half, actually back to the original dose. Soon I had cut out tums altogether. Then after one more session I had a feeling of peace emotionally and a comfort physically, one I had not felt for many years. It was then that I stoped the medication completely.

It has been almost four months and I have not taking the medication or have I needed antacids. All without having had surgery.

With her amazing gifts and talents, her warm and loving dedication, Angela along with ITA has been able to provide the healing and comfort I could not find any where else.  I have began to enjoy food again and most of all I’m no longer in constant pain or preoccupied with how I’m feeling. I can enjoy my family, social activities and I’m more productive at work.

Thank you Angela!”

With gratitude, G.