How Meditation can help Teachers

Empower with Angela MarschallTeachers tend to give a lot to everyone else, and often feel depleted. Working with children, teenagers, and even adults requires a lot of energy.

Using meditation assists a teacher to release stress, gain clarity, increase focus and concentration, become present, nurture ”thy Self,” find stillness, and  peace. It restores and reboots the body, mind and spirit. Meditation can help to regain access to their own energy force within to experience balance inside and outside of the classroom.

In this 4 week short meditation course teachers are introduced to a variety of different meditation styles to learn how to relax, create a new sense of boundaries, and have more energy for their own lives.  They will also learn how to create an internal sense of balance and grounding, even when there is chaos all around them.  

These simple techniques are taught though discussion and meditation, which can be practiced before school begins, in the classroom and at the end of your day.

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