Spiritual Counseling

 “Meet limited circumstances with unlimited thoughts. Meet the doubts of the world with the certainty of God. Meet the harshness of the mind with the softness of the heart.” Marianne Williamson

Spiritual Counseling assists one to connect to Spirit and to see life from a Spirit based existence then from a purely earthy connection to Self.  It is based on the belief that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Angela uses both traditional and nontraditional counseling and healing methods in her sessions. Transformation and healing take place through dialogue and conscious thinking while finding inner strength.  During Sessions clients are being lead to the awareness that growth and healing can only be achieved by being actively involved and responsible for their lives, decisions and actions. Clients are being taught powerful methods which allow them to get in touch with their inner knowing to re-gain control over their lives and to release old habits and thought patterns to experience inner clarity and peace. During the self evaluating process clients are discovering that all answers are already deep within themselves, like in a movie that takes place in our deepest inner pathways.  As a Spiritual counselor, Angela merely assists her clients to connect to this movie, from where they’ll have the power and control to choose what kind of a movie you are going to participate in; a thriller, a drama, or a heartfelt empowering love story.

Angela uses both traditional and non-traditional counseling and healing methods in her Spiritual Counseling sessions. Transformation and healing occurs through dialogue and the learning of new skills while finding inner strength.

Angela’s goal as a Spiritual Guidance Counselor is to bridge her clients to the all-knowing source – the encompassing Spirit – your higher Self, within them self!  This source is and always will be for eternity – their perfect guide!

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